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Micromobility In Europe: How Big Cities Started Thinking About Small Vehicles

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Micromobility In Europe How Big Cities Started Thinking About Small Vehicles

  Europe needs to speed up its micromobility efforts. Not only because the conditions are ripe – with a pandemic that showed us the potential of using bikes and scooters instead of regular public transport, but also because it has a very ambitious plan to curb vehicle-related emissions and tackle congestion in its metropolitan areas. From a barely known phenomenon a few years ago, micromobility is...

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The Future Of Public Transportation: Trends of 2024

  Growing population, demands for more modern solutions in the public transit domain, and advances in technology that facilitate the processes involved in the sector - all these and many more contribute to the explosive growth in the global public transit market forecast for the next few years. The Asia Pacific region, followed by Europe, are the trailblazers in innovation and improvement of their infrastructures, led...

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