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Reducing A City’s Carbon Footprint with Public Transit: It’s Possible

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Reducing A City's Carbon Footprint with Public Transit It's Possible

  Each year, the stark warnings from scientists about the impending climate change disaster strike a chord with many people. While western societies have more time and resources to prepare, the developing world is already suffering from rising sea levels, devastating droughts, and hurricanes, as well as the influx of waste from wealthier countries. The driving force behind these events is clear – economic growth. It...

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Discover Modeshift: Smart Mobility Platform For Small & Mid-sized Cities

   Public transit solutions are the most requested smart products that we work on. It is no surprise – as this is a field in which improvements are both systemically important and easily noticeable by citizens. When we add to that the recent pledge to reduce the EU’s carbon footprint by at least 55% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels), as well as the urge to...

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