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Man & The City: An Interview With Borislav Gorov, CEO of Telelink City

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Interview with Borislav Gorov, CEO of Telelink City

This interview first appeared on >>   Please introduce yourself and share a little bit more about your professional experience and background.   Hello, my name is Borislav Gorov and I am the CEO of Telelink City. My personal and professional goal is to help cities, citizens, and tourists by creating, developing and implementing hi-tech systems that make people’s daily lives better in every aspect – from transportation...

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This Is How MaaS Can Help Cities Achieve Their Carbon Neutrality Goals

  If last month’s COP 26 taught us something, it is that we probably won’t be able to achieve the ‘best-case scenario’ of 1.5 degrees temperature increase before the end of the century. Talks are slow, decisions are made but not implemented, many countries are still refusing to participate (or are not present at the table). It may sound disheartening but there is a silver lining...

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