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Waste management is an important part of creating the cities of tomorrow, but often one that is neglected in digitization efforts. The existing ‘simple’ solutions are becoming obsolete – cities grow at an exponential rate creating more and more waste, while the current infrastructure doesn’t allow for smart solutions to be integrated into the processes.


Many cities struggle to provide timely waste disposal, while others are in need of solutions which can improve the productivity of the service. Some waste containers fill faster than others, some areas become more difficult to access for large waste disposal vehicles, custom solutions are needed for specific businesses and industrial areas. The answer to all these imminent problems lies in smart IoT sensors that allow city management to effectively optimize bin distribution, pick-up frequencies, and routes.

Monitoring of fill level and types of waste is an easy task with smart sensors. They can be installed in any type of waste container and are resistant to daily wear and tear. Smart sensors offer real-time bin monitoring (how full a bin is, when it will be needing collection, when was the last time it was collected, etc.), and are the key step towards eliminating overflowing bins.

Real-time data collection is accumulated and used for comprehensive reporting. Relevant and reliable statistics are available every time city management needs to make an informed decision how to optimize processes: the areas that need more bins or more frequent collection, optimizing pick-up schedules, redistribution of available resources, and more.

Every waste collection vehicle, container, and depot is a crucial part of the waste management ecosystem, and this is why their optimal usage is of utmost importance for its smooth operation. Cloud data, IoT sensors and a user-friendly back office help create the optimal route on a daily basis – dispatching vehicles where and when they are needed, via optimal collection – depot routes. This can help reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the waste management fleet.

Modern cloud technologies and real-time data are integrated to allow for the remote management of waste collection. 

Telelink City Smart Waste Management

Our Solution


Waste management can be a clean and simple process. Telelink City offers a comprehensive set of tools to help the city’s administration tackle waste in the most efficient way possible.

Telelink City Smart Waste Management


Smart sensor that can determine the bin's weight or its capacity

Wi-Fi connection that sends data to the cloud and back

Sophisticated back office that provides all the necessary reports needed to make informed decisions