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Smart Urban Transportation


Transportation solutions are at the heart of every smart city. Thinking forward to solve large cities’ problems begins with improving their infrastructure, a sphere in which Telelink City excels. With a portfolio of many projects in Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, we are proud to be innovation leaders in designing smart urban mobility systems.


Our smart transportation service is built to help solve key pain points for both municipalities and citizens. Already developed and ready to be deployed at any given moment, it can quickly transform public transport into a better experience. It’s fully customisable which allows its users to address all the problems at hand without any technical expertise. It integrates real-time passenger information with a smart ticketing system making moving from A to B quick and easy. What’s more, the service can become a multi-modal mobility solution and incorporate bike rentals, car sharing, taxi, and on-demand services.


Telelink City is an exclusive partner of Modeshift.

Our Solution


Modeshift is an all-in-one urban mobility solution that helps cities transition towards the smart future.


Monitoring traffic, managing operations and analyzing performance are simple tasks you can do on a daily basis. Revenue reports, fare assessment and schedule optimizations can be easily configured to optimize the whole system.

Combines legacy equipment

Modeshift helps the transition from a legacy setup to a modern platform, and enables passengers to use mobile phones, QR codes, NFC, or paper tickets.

Doesn't require IT expertise

All components and maintenance are already taken care of. You have control over data and processes, no need of IT expertise.

Incorporates security and privacy

Security best practices are used throughout the system to ensure full GDPR compliance.

Fast to deploy

Get a fully functional demo within a week. Integrate and onboard in 3 months. Add functionalities on the go.

Seamless mobile experience

The free city transport mobile app gives passengers real-time data so that they can benefit to the fullest in planning routes, purchasing tickets, renewing subscriptions, and more.

Requires zero initial investment

Choose investment or subscription model. No upfront payment required – we help with financing for equipment or services. Cover your costs with savings and increased revenue from day one.

Bringing possitive impact on the daily lives of people, MODESHIFT is an inextricable part of the smart city revolution.


Smart urban mobility can save up to 59.5 hours per year per citizen

19.4 hours

Intelligent traffic systems: 19.4 hours

31 hours

Open data: 31 hours

1.2 hours

Cashless payments: 1.2 hours

7.8 hours

Safer roads: 7.8 hours