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Intelligent Traffic Systems | Telelink City

Smart Urban Mobility


Transportation has been a growing issue in evolving cities for decades – the increasing number of vehicles per capita and the inability of older infrastructures to accommodate them result in never-ending traffic jams. From air pollution to stress, they cause immense damage to the population and the environment. To solve these problems, cities need smart solutions that can be adjusted to the existing infrastructure, improving and building upon it to create a liveable city.


Over 50% of the world’s population lives in cities. Transportation is one of the most important aspects of living in an urban area, with everyday activities of people involving moving from one place to another within the complex systems of the city. At the same time, the number of vehicles is on the rise making available infrastructures insufficient.

Our Solution


Transitioning to the model of the smart city is the only way to optimise and save time and money, while decreasing pollution at the same time. A key component of the smart city is building an optimised traffic system and public transport – an Intelligent Transportation System, or ITS.

Our intelligent transportation systems include:


Classification of vehicles

Counting of vehicles

Speed and traffic direction measurement

Licence plates recognition

Traffic control software

Traffic simulation software

Traffic lights controllers, priority green light, etc.

Telelink City’s expert team can analyse, design and deliver urban transportation solutions that fit any city. Our know-how has been proven to work in a number of cities in Bulgaria, improving the daily lives of millions.

How can we help your city?

Analyse available data to pinpoint key problems

Design a flexible, tailor-made system to address these problems

Deploy the system quickly and efficiently via user-friendly software and hardware technologies

Provide support at any stage