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Integrated Infrastructure Management


More than 320 million lighting poles have been installed worldwide. The smart pole market is expected to grow from 5 billion euro to 15 billion euro before 2023. North America is the early adopter of this new tech and is to dominate the biggest share of the market.


The market in Asia and Oceania is expected to grow most quickly due to the increasing number of government initiatives in cities like China, India, Japan and Australia.


Your city can also be a part of the global smart revolution.

With the help of smart poles, existing city infrastructure can communicate with various systems via custom-built software. No IT expertise required, the back-end is easily operable by municipality staff.


  1. Real-time monitoring of the city’s lighting network
  2. Air quality monitoring
  3. Improving the city’s lighting
  4. Gather and analyse valuable data
  5. Sharing information and advertising with information boards

With Smart Poles, city management can easily access data about important city systems and take swift decisions on how to optimise their work. 


  1. Security and CCTV
  2. Available parking spots
  3. Charging stations
  4. Hotline for signals
  5. Connectivity for citizens
  6. Sensor-regulated
  7. Lighting regulation


This ecosystem will allow for better response times for emergency services and an improvement in CCTV usage. With smart poles, only the necessary lighting will be in use at any given moment, thus saving valuable energy.

Our Solution


Telelink City can help your city become part of the global smart revolution. With the help of smart poles existing city infrastructure can communicate via custom made software with various systems


Intelligent lighting module with solar panel

Wi-Fi connection

CCTV and parking lot surveillance

Temperature sensors and air quality monitoring

Information display

Charging station


The growth of urban societies


Cities use 75% of global energy


97% of people have mobile phone subscription


47% of people have mobile data packages activated


Urban population will grow from 50% to 70% before 2050