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Modeshift Demo | Telelink City

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Account-based Fare Collection & Mobile Ticketing, by Modeshift

Modeshift, Telelink City’s trusted partner, has helped more than 20 transit operators update their legacy fare collection and CAD/AVL systems to improve efficiency and provide adequate service.

Why choose account-based fare collection?

  • Flexibility: choose from a variety of fare media (NFC cards, smartphone application, paper tickets, smart devices).
  • Faster validation: riders simply scan their fare at the validator – lower dwell times provide a smoother passenger experience.
  • More hygienic: no exchange of fare media and cash between customer service officers, bus operators and riders – lower risk of spreading diseases.
  • 360° smart transit platform: fare collection, mobile app, CAD/AVL, RTPI & reporting in one product.
  • Pay-as-you-go: transparent payment model that works for cities big and small.

Telelink City will handle the whole operation from end to end, giving you a fully operational fare collection system in just a few months. Upgrades and updates are carried out by our team, with no IT expertise required on your part. A simple and smart solution to make your public transit system more reliable, flexible and hygienic.

Best Regards,

Borislav Gorov, Telelink City

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