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Discover Modeshift: The Smart Mobility Platform For Small & Mid-sized Cities
Discover Modeshift: Smart Mobility Platform For Small & Mid-sized Cities

Discover Modeshift: The Smart Mobility Platform For Small & Mid-sized Cities


Public transit solutions are the most requested smart products that we work on. It is no surprise – as this is a field in which improvements are both systemically important and easily noticeable by citizens. When we add to that the recent pledge to reduce the EU’s carbon footprint by at least 55% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels), as well as the urge to explore more hygienic contactless options, we get a combination that every sensible city management team would like to pursue. This is where we and our partners at Modeshift come in – with a 360° mobility platform to overhaul public transportation beyond recognition!


Smart public transit by Modeshift: solutions tailored to the needs of every city


Our smart public transit solution is flexible, and we truly mean it – we can adjust the product according to the specific needs of our clients. This is done with the help of the modular architecture of our partner solution, Modeshift Fare Collection.


Modeshift Fare Collection consists of several components that work synergistically together to create a full managing suite for any transit agency.


While the product works best when all components are stacked together, we acknowledge the fact that many agencies have already invested in other solutions. Sometimes, different subcontractors manage separate parts of the transit system, which creates confusion and adds up to the cost. To address this issue, we created a system that reflects the needs of modern agencies – from small ones with only a few vehicles, to big ones catering to megalopolises. Some need the all-in-one solution, some need only a few components… We deliver a working solution, no matter the requirements!



Here are all the components transit agencies can choose from.


Automatic Account-based Fare collection


The core module of our offering is an automatic account-based fare collection system. Powered by a robust back end where all passenger accounts are stored and managed securely, it provides agencies with incredible flexibility. The system is hardware-agnostic (it can be fitted to almost any hardware – legacy or new) and media-agnostic (it can work with all fare media types, from tickets to smart watches). We also offer an EMV contactless payments option via our partners at Switchio.


The fare collection platform provides agency personnel with the tools they need to give customers a truly satisfying experience. All data is handled securely in compliance with the latest protocols.


Public Transit Mobile App



We cannot offer a modern transit solution without offering a beautifully designed, easy-to-use public transit mobile application. While there are many mobile ticketing apps out there, we have made sure to create a product that stands out – an all-in-one app that caters to the whole journey, from trip planning to ticket purchase and validation. We have made sure the mobile app can be customised to fit any agency’s branding, too!


CAD/AVL Systems


No modern transit service is complete without the backbone of robust Computer-aided Dispatch and Automatic Vehicle Location systems. Our solution comes with a complete set of tools that work synergistically to ensure great on-time performance and an elevated level of manageability. The AVL system can be based on a previously installed GPS module, or we can provide a host of solutions, including validators with built-in GPS (one tool for both validations and AVL).


Our granular AVL panel provides transit agency professionals with a powerful tool to manage their day-to-day tasks. A simple, colour-coded interface presents functionalities for managing runs, blocks, schedules, and more. This makes for truly intuitive fleet management – the basis for an optimised system with improved efficiency!


RTPI System



Real-time passenger information is crucial for riders. We created our RTPI system with accuracy and speed in mind, working to provide a stable data stream in GTFS and GTFS RT standards. The system can be connected to any outlet: smartphone apps, digital signage at bus shelters, onboard information panes, and others.


With the power of real-time data at their disposal, riders can genuinely appreciate the comfort of public transit.


Hardware & Kiosk


No matter if our customers possess the necessary equipment, want to upgrade it, or need to begin from scratch, we can provide all types of hardware for the Modeshift Fare Collection system. Being hardware-agnostic, it can be adapted to work with legacy equipment, reducing the costs of the implementation. Our basic contactless ticketing functionality can even operate without any type of validation hardware whatsoever!


If any type of equipment is needed, we can work with trusted partners across the globe to provide adequately priced ticket vending machines and validators.


Part of our comprehensive approach to public transit is our resellers’ kiosk. The intuitive POS software can be installed on different devices (even a mobile phone), effectively turning petrol stations, coffee shops, newsstands, etc. into a powerful reseller network. Diversifying the sales channels means better distribution of fare products, making for an even better customer experience.


Reporting System


Finally, we created a robust reporting suite that helps transit agency staff take data-driven decisions daily. The reporting suite combines a myriad of predefined reports, as well as the option to easily create fully customised reports. Sales, validations, vehicle data – our clients have a granular or higher-level overview of their transit business in one intuitive solution. All reports can be exported to Excel at the click of a button.


MaaS-ready, on a SaaS model



Mobility as a Service is not just a buzzword – it’s the way to move forward to create a truly effective urban mobility system. Integrating all available mobility options (public transit, on-demand solutions, bike and scooter sharing options, parking solutions, etc.) helps citizens navigate the city better and can be a great incentive for the transition from personal vehicles to shared mobility options.


This is why Modeshift Fare Collection was developed not only as a solution that can be integrated into an existing MaaS ecosystem but one that can serve as a MaaS hub itself via its intuitive mobile app and web portal. Investing in Modeshift, transit authorities are investing in a solution that keeps evolving with the latest MaaS trends.


Speaking about investments, we are fully aware of the hard truth that sometimes smaller cities lack the necessary funding to improve their transit systems. To solve this issue, we can offer a free pilot program to help them see the benefits of the system first-hand. Modeshift Fare Collection can also operate on a SaaS model where no large initial investment is needed – having smaller monthly fees adds to the transparency of tax-money spending.


Ready to take a dive into the smart future of public transit?


If you and your transit team are exploring options to upgrade and improve the city’s transit system – contact us today and let’s talk about your city’s needs!



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