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We are excited to be a part of the future – a future that is easier to navigate, driven by innovation and providing the gift of technology to the people. Years of expertise in building smart systems for cities across the globe help us pinpoint urban problems, from transportation to air quality, and address them with an intelligent solution. Let’s build a smart city together!


Data-driven approach to the smart city


Interoperable hardware and software solutions


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Transition to smart using legacy systems

Intelligent public transport

Modeshift: Smart urban mobility

Modeshift creates a better experience for people using public transportation. By utilizing real-time data to show optimal routes and incorporating an easy-to-use smart ticketing system, Modeshift saves time, reduces stress levels and improves the ecological footprint of the city. The flexible technology can be customised to fit legacy systems and incorporate different modes of transportation, making it a solution to move the city towards a smarter future.


Smart Transportation

Building the traffic systems of tomorrow

Gridlock is a major pain point in any big city, both in terms of pollution and stress for the citizens, sometimes trapped for hours in a never-ending traffic jam. So we imagined a way to fight the negative impact it has on the infrastructure of the city and the health of its inhabitants – we created a technology that can be tailored to any city, improving the overall experience of moving in and out of the city.


Smart Tourism

City Card: the all-inclusive experience for smart tourists

Every tourist hopes for a warm welcome upon arriving in a new city. With City Card, smart technologies and integrations make it possible for tourists to explore like locals, with a trusted friend in their hands. Bridging the gap between a guide and an all-inclusive pass, City Card ensures tourists will leave with their best memories up to date, and ready to recommend the city as a must-visit destination.


Smart Parking

SMS Parking: an intelligent solution to make parking easier and quicker

Parking, especially in densely populated urban areas, can be daunting – from cruising to find a spot to paying fees in a timely manner. With a smart SMS Parking service in place, citizens have quick access to a database showing them the nearest free parking space. It can also serve as a flexible ticketing system, allowing them to make secure and timely payments to avoid unnecessary frustration.


Air Pollution Solutions


Smart monitoring and prevention of air pollution

Air pollution is one of the biggest challenges modern cities are facing. Being able to measure the quantity of particulates, gases and biological molecules in the air at any time is crucial to measure the risk that pollution poses for people spending time outdoors. With real-time data available, protecting those most at risk is easier, as well as taking preventive actions in areas where air is consistently shown to be of bad quality.



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