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Digital Citizenship


The connection between city management and citizens is often fragile. From lack of smart tools to carry out up-to-date surveys, to the need to efficiently distribute allocated funding, each municipality faces its own problems.


With the rise of smart cities, having a system that enables people to take an active part in city management becomes key to resolving these problems in the best possible way for everyone. At Telelink City, we are dedicated to providing city management with agile tools to create meaningful communication with citizens.

What is Digital Citizenship?


Digital citizenship is the use of technology to create a meaningful and long-lasting communication with society on all levels. Learning how to foster digital citizenship is part of a city’s transition towards the smart future – a future where society is engaged on a day-to-day basis and takes an active part in the city’s management and well-being.



Developing a high public profile for the Mayor and the Municipality.


Creating a digital community of active and involved citizens.


Involving the local businesses in the community's well-being.

The city in your smartphone! Opportunity for every citizen to use the Municipality’s services and transportation on their smart device.


Citizens have the opportunity to express their opinion on important social issues via official surveys.


Citizens can signal the Municipality about problems in the city and monitor their resolution.


The Municipality can initiate causes for citizens and business to participate in. Causes can also be initiated by the citizens and backed up by the Municipality and local businesses.


Citizens can receive notifications based on their interests and location, like events from the cultural events of the city, issues in the city, official statements from the Mayor, decisions of the local government, deadlines for enrolling kid at school/kindergarten, etc.

Ask the Mayor

Citizens can ask their Mayor questions and he/she can answer them with a video message or in a live video on social media.

Information portal

Citizens have access to a database with the local Municipality members’ contacts, working hours, as well as contacts of the town councillors.

News, events, and tickets

Citizens can receive important news about the city, be notified about events they would take interest in and also receive last-minute deals on tickets.


Digital Citizenship builds a more integrated city, where local authority communicated effectively with its citizens and local businesses:

Improved public profile of the mayor and his/her team

Increased trust in the local authorities

Invaluable feedback from the citizens

Active engagement of the citizens in the life of the city

Access to certain advantages in order to make citizens feel connected and engaged

Happy citizens who have a voice


Our digital citizenship service offers integrations with services provided by the Municipality – included but not limited to:

Public transport

Paid parking zones management

Free parking zones management


Ride sharing

Waste management