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Request Contactless Mobile Ticketing | Telelink City

Request Contactless Mobile Ticketing | Telelink City

Your city’s public transit system can go contactless

Why going contactless matters

  • Low media cost: modern AFC uses the cheapest NFC media on the market. Riders are using their own smartphones to authenticate which is free for the transit operator.
  • Faster validation: tap and go; lower dwell times provide smoother passenger experience.
  • More hygienic: no exchange of fare media between Customer Service Officers, Bus Operators and Riders leads to lower risk of spreading diseases.
  • Lower usage of cash: contactless mobile ticketing provides a variety of options to load funds in riders’ accounts.

Contactless mobile ticketing can be deployed remotely in a matter of days.

Telelink City will handle the whole operation from end to end, giving you a fully operational contactless mobile ticketing as quickly as possible so you can focus on more pressing matters at hand. Upgrades and updates are carried out by our team, with no IT expertise required on your part. A simple and smart solution to make your public transit system more reliable, flexible and hygienic.

Claim contactless mobile ticketing today and take the lead of your city’s digital transformation.

Best Regards,

Borislav Gorov, Telelink City

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