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Smart Tourism


City Card is an all-inclusive product geared towards the needs of the smart traveller. In cities where there is a lot to see and do, one can easily become overwhelmed. City Card offers a seamless experience that incorporates everything needed to have a good time – free admission at top sightseeing locations, a variety of tours, as well as discounts at top restaurants, shops and entertainment venues.


City Card is a unique synergy between a guide, an all-inclusive ticket and a discounts voucher. 

City Card includes a hand-picked selection of the top sightseeing locations in the city. It helps save time researching what to visit, and categorises locations by type for convenience. The beautifully illustrated map and the accompanying mobile app help users navigate the city quickly and easily.

Instead of wasting time buying tickets at sightseeing locations, users can simply validate their City Card with the staff and start exploring. Entry fees at the selected locations are already included in the price of the card. The card also includes free self-guided tours that help tourists get to know the city better, as well as a selection of guided tours with discount!

City Card partners with the best restaurants, pubs, shopping and entertainment venues in town to offer discounts and gifts with purchase. This completes the circle for City Card users, offering them a full experience they’ll certainly remember.

What is City Card?


City Card gives tourists an opportunity to visit top sights and venues without having to research in advance, saving them both time and money. The service is flexible and allows customization and personalization of the locations included – this means that it can quickly be modified to include a specific number of locations, making it a great option for tour guides and tour agencies.


The validation process is also simplified so that the employees at the locations don’t feel overwhelmed by the task if they need to handle several tourists with City Card at the same time.


City Card is a smart solution for cities that want to boost their tourism and introduce a tourist-friendly atmosphere. Tourist boards can also benefit from the service to facilitate their operations and create a seamless travel experience for visitors. 

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Digital all the way


More and more tourists rely on smart technologies to facilitate their travels. With City Card, they have a powerful tool to explore the city like locals: comprehensive lists of top-rated sights, hand-picked venues, useful tips, an integrated map, and the possibility to take their travel guide in their smartphones. The handy mobile app is free to use and can be easily synced to City Card in a few seconds.