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SINAIA, Romania

Our solution to the low customer satisfaction and declining ridership of the public transportation system


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Sinaia, Romania is visited by over 200 000 tourists every year. The municipal authorities wanted to take mobility and tourism to the next level and entrusted Modeshift with the task to revamp the existing transit system and provide a user-friendly solution that can later be integrated with other services for citizens and tourists, like bike sharing, digital parking, museum admission, telegondola lift, etc. Modeshift Fare Collection was a great fit for Sinaia because it provided a variety of new, yet simple ways to use city transit, like vending machines, kiosks, onboard validators, a web portal are part of the new ticketing system, as well as a user-friendly and intuitive mobile application makes purchasing fares and validating them onboard extremely accessible.

Low passenger satisfaction and tourists using predominantly cars instead of public transit.
Modeshift managed to improve passenger satisfaction by providing a number of intuitive ways to purchase fares and validate on board while using the public transit system.
High-risk operation for the local authorities.
By providing a real-time analytics and reporting portal, Modeshift managed to improve the time local authorities need to make educated and data-driven decisions.
Not enough experience in hi-tech software.
Modeshift’s team built a user-friendly, simple and intuitive account-based ticketing system, and provided guidance on each step of the process - from choosing the type of fare to validation and route planning.