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Our solution to improve the customer experience and provide safety for both riders and agency personnel


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South Central Transit Authority was founded to serve public transit in Lancaster County and Berks County. It comprises Berks Area Regional Transportation Authority (BARTA) and Red Rose Transit Authority (RRTA).


As the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it became obvious that contactless ticketing system is not only a step towards improving the customer experience but also a necessity to provide safety to both riders and agency personnel. The agency contacted Modeshift following a recommendation from an industry expert and Modeshift immediately put on the table its 360-degree mobility platform specifically designed to tackle the problems of small and mid-sized cities. It offered a full stack of tools that could help SCTA implement account-based fare collection and contactless ticketing.

Low passenger satisfaction with the existing fare collection system.
Modeshift provided an easy-to-use solution in the form of a streamlined mobile application and NFC smart cards that can be connected to a single user profile.
The existing back end solution needed to be upgraded to meet the demands of the new system.
Modeshift’s stand-alone back end panel provides quick access to all tools that the staff use in their day-to-day work, as well as a comprehensive reporting system to oversee the processes.
Tight budget and an urgency to implement a contactless solution during the pandemic.
Thanks to its network of suppliers, Modeshift was able to provide all the necessary hardware quickly and at competitive costs. The installation process took under a month, with a local member of the team working on the deployment.