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PLOVDIV, Bulgaria

Our solution to the lack of digital products for smart tourists


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Plovdiv is the second biggest city in Bulgaria and is also known as the Cultural Capital of the country because of its historical, ethnic, and artistic diversity. Its unique history and modern vibe make it a popular tourist destination visited by over 800,000 foreigners and Bulgarians every year.


Naturally, the city’s Tourist Department – ‘Old Plovdiv’, wanted to take tourism to the next level and provide a digital product for smart tourists to help them experience the city simply by using their smartphone. This is where Telelink City stepped in and provided City Card – a digital platform that allows tourists to visit museums, galleries, sights, tours, entertainment, and shopping venues for free or with a discount through a single, digital token called Plovdiv City Card.


The City Card platform


Telelink City approached the issue with tourists in mind, thinking of ways to build an easy-to-use, accessible, and rich in information online platform. We started with a catalogue website where a traveler might find anything and everything about Plovdiv – from information about sights to elaborate city guides. The website was also one of the ways to buy City Card.


The second step was designing a mobile application that would ensure a seamless experience. It provided all necessary travel information, helped tourists navigate through the city, and allowed them to purchase and use City Card within the app itself when visiting venues.


Each venue was equipped with a validator – a software that checked the status of the City Card and, if it was valid, allowed tourists in. The platform also provided an administrative panel where the Tourist Department team could see detailed metrics on the number of visitors, venues, type of City Card they used, and user behavior.


Benefits and results


In less than a year, City Card helped increase the number of visitors in key city venues by 10% – especially in museums, galleries, and dedicated urban tours, by providing a smart tourism platform that worked equally efficiently for the Tourist Department and tourists themselves. The digitalized service City Card also assisted in drawing more attention and traffic to Plovdiv through targeted marketing campaigns and unique content.


Visit Plovdiv City Card’s website to learn more: >>

Missed opportunities to capture more tourist traffic.
Telelink City managed to focus tourists' attention on important sights and venues in the city and drive 10% more traffic.
Lack of digital products available for tourists.
Telelink City created a number of digital products that can be used only with a smartphone. The website, mobile application, and digital city card made it easy for visitors to explore the city and its venues without anything additional.
Different tickets for different venues.
By providing a single digital token for all major sights and venues in the city, Telelink City made them easily accessible for visitors, and helped unburden employees from unnecessary work overload.