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SOFIA, Bulgaria

Our solution to an on-demand green transport and improved air quality


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The city of Sofia is constantly growing in population as well as new residential and office districts. This leads to an increased number of vehicles and more traffic. Naturally, air pollution is one of the major issues the city is facing, with metrics exceeding the minimum thresholds.


Telelink City is helping Sofia take upon an ambitious project to launch “On-demand green public transport” in partnership with the InnoAir initiative.


The Platform


How the on-demand green transport will work is that instead of driving on pre-defined routes, the new e-buses will create route maps based on citizen demand submitted via mobile application. The project will work through an online platform and a mobile application that the riders will use – it will collect data (e.g. citizen demand, traffic, weather, etc.), analyze it, and then create the most efficient path for each ride, collecting as many passengers as possible.


Telelink City will engage a team of developers and data scientists and perform a series of advanced urban simulations to enhance scaling capabilities and uptake of InnoAir. Our niche expertise allows us to contribute with innovation and design a concept of the On-Demand Public Transportation Platform as well as the necessary machine learning algorithms that need to be embedded. Telelink City will develop the On-Demand Public Transportation Platform (WP5) which will include architecture design, installation and operation guide, interoperability, and machine learning capabilities which are an essential part of the concept.


The Goal


InnoAir overall objective is to improve air quality in the city of Sofia by introducing holistic set of tools and a novel paradigm of public transportation, shifting the way people travel in the cities and dramatically reducing single use vehicles, which are the major contributor to air pollution. The project will result in significant behavioral change and broader use of public and active transport. PM and CO2 emissions will be reduced, contributing to the improved quality of air and citizen health.


This innovative public transport service will be implemented together with a wide array of initiatives: low emission zones, green corridors, congestion charge and promotion of active mobility. This coordinated effort of Sofia shall reduce air pollution, while also modernizing and innovating our public transport.


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