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Case Study Craiova | Telelink City

CRAIOVA, Romania

Our solution to the fare collection issues and low levels of passenger satisfaction of the public transportation system


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Craiova, Romania deals with an average of 21 000 000 passenger rides per year. The transit system in the city was suffering from problems related to the old-fashioned equipment, fare collection issues, and low levels of passenger satisfaction that needed to be dealt with on a rather tight budget. Modeshift (in partnership with Telelink City) implemented the first account-based ticketing system in Romania that provided valuable real-time data, a mobile application with route planning, flexible payment, and fare options that helped increase ticket revenue collection.

In need of public transit operations transformation that doesn’t involve investment in new hardware.
Reusing the legacy hardware, Modeshift managed to modernize quickly the fare collection system.
Low budget.
Modeshift operates on the pay-as-you-go model which doesn’t require initial investments.
Low fare recovery ratio.
By introducing an easy-to-use and monitor fare collection system, Modeshift increased ticket revenue collection by 20%.