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Learn more about our partners, their needs, and what we did to meet them. We’ve already helped 8 cities move forward on their smart journey!

Telelink City Case Study: Braila
Braila, Romania

Braila needed a solution to reuse the old validators available in the public transportation vehicles and create a seamless experience for users. This is where Modeshift stepped in and created a plan to integrate the full package of the MaaS solution during a few phases, thus ensuring a seamless transition for transit agency staff, drivers, and riders.

Telelink City Case Study: Slobozia
Slobozia, Romania

The main challenge of the local transit authorities of Slobozia was to revamp the existing transportation system quickly and with limited resources. With Modeshift Fare Collection the already developed software and hardware solutions were optimized to fit the town’s needs, thus enabling the new fare system to be deployed in just a few months.

Telelink City Case Study: Varna Parking
Varna, Bulgaria

Varna is an all-time favourite Bulgarian summer resort, visited by over one million tourists every year. That’s why the Municipal Car Parks & Blue Zone Authority was facing serious problems when it comes to parking. Modeshift (in partnership with Telelink City) developed an account-based parking system to provide a working solution to the city’s predicament. The system is highly reliable, including integration with the available payment processors, a modern mobile app, and high availability to citizens and tourists delivered utilizing cloud technology.

Telelink City Case Study: Stara Zagora
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

The main challenge for the local transit agency in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria was to provide an all-in-one mobility system through which multiple transit options in the city would operate seamlessly. There had been a prior investment in a CAD/AVL/RTPI system but it lacked a mobile ticketing option. The Modeshift Fare Collection System was able to overcome this issue, among others, which led to improved riders’ satisfaction.

Pennsylvania, USA

SCTA contacted Modeshift following a recommendation from an industry expert and Modeshift immediately put on the table its 360-degree mobility platform specifically designed to tackle the problems of small and mid-sized cities. It offered a full stack of tools that could help SCTA implement account-based fare collection and contactless ticketing.