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The Future Of Public Transportation: Trends of 2024

  Growing population, demands for more modern solutions in the public transit domain, advances in technology that facilitate the processes involved in the sector - all these and many more contribute to the explosive growth in the global public transit market forecast for the next few years. The Asia Pacific region, followed by Europe, are the trail-blazers in innovation and improvement of their infrastructures, led by...

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Smart Solutions For A Simpler Life In The City

  Although smart solutions have already been implemented in many cities, it seems that not many people notice their existence. One might argue that this is the whole point - to improve life in an unobtrusive way. But since future developments often rely on public approval before they’re executed, it’s important to know and communicate the benefits of smart solutions to citizens. Especially if success is...

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What Does The Future Of Waste Management Look Like

  Waste management is one of the aspects of city life most people don’t notice at all - but when something goes wrong, the consequences are quite gruesome and city management has to act quickly to avoid a crisis. The intricate and quite often not very well optimised system for waste collection and disposal has potential weak links. As cities grow, urban population and consumption increase...

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Smart City Technologies: Bringing It All Together

  A simple definition of a smart city will go like this: a city that uses IoT (Internet of Things) sensors to gather information and then acts upon that information to manage city assets and resources more efficiently. This simple and straightforward concept came to fruition as modern technology advanced in the past couple of decades. The dream of a modern city where crucial decisions concerning...

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Smart Solutions For Smart Cities: Where To Begin?

  The talk about smart cities is big right now - accelerated by the COVID-19 threat, it has reached far-flung corners of the Earth. Small and mid-sized cities are also beginning to consider the move towards smart technologies, while the rapidly growing urbanization is the driving force behind the digital transformation of larger cities. How does city management decide what technologies to implement first? What are...

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Digital Citizenship Is The Future Of Every City

  Digital citizenship is an integral part of the whole paradigm of being a citizen in the 21st century, with all of the rights and responsibilities it gives us. With the development of information technology and the future leap to ultra-fast 5G networks, the integration of the individual within this system becomes crucial so that she can fully engage not only socially, but also with the...

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Mobile Ticketing Can Boost Public Transport Usage, Here's How

  Citizen satisfaction is at the heart of every forward-thinking city. Accomplishing this task is easier said than done due to many contributing factors, but smart technologies are a stepping stone to achieving it. As most people use public transport on a daily basis, mobile ticketing and an integrated transportation system are certainly on the agenda towards creating a more livable city. Smartphone usage increases on...

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How Mobile Ticketing Innovations Are Affecting Transportation Industries

  In the past decade, smart innovation has touched every aspect of people’s lives - improving their productivity at work, helping them communicate more easily, making their homes a space they can feel connected to even when they’re not in them. Getting from A to B has never been easier, with cities investing heavily in building multimodal networks, but having in mind the challenges of a...

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