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Micromobility In Europe: How Big Cities Started Thinking About Small Vehicles

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Micromobility In Europe How Big Cities Started Thinking About Small Vehicles

  Europe needs to speed up its micromobility efforts. Not only because the conditions are ripe – with a pandemic that showed us the potential of using bikes and scooters instead of regular public transport, but also because it has a very ambitious plan to curb vehicle-related emissions and tackle congestion in its metropolitan areas. From a barely known phenomenon a few years ago, micromobility is...

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Cybersecurity Essentials Are Vital For Companies Of All Sizes, Here's Why

  2021 is the year of big hacks – hacks that affected thousands of businesses and consumers. From the Colonial Pipeline hack to the SolarWinds hack, it became clear that cybercriminals will become bolder and more effective at extorting gigantic sums as ransom. This is a wakeup call for companies to reconsider their current cybersecurity protocols. What about companies that are still innovating their processes and...

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Scandinavian Stories: Europe's Thriving Smart Hub

  When it comes to smart technology, the first examples that come to mind are megalopolises like Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, Dubai. But there is a fast-growing smart hub here in Europe. Scandinavian countries are quickly implementing a variety of smart solutions in every possible sphere – from public transit to education. What are the good examples we can look up to? And how can we learn...

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Discover Modeshift: Smart Mobility Platform For Small & Mid-sized Cities

   Public transit solutions are the most requested smart products that we work on. It is no surprise – as this is a field in which improvements are both systemically important and easily noticeable by citizens. When we add to that the recent pledge to reduce the EU’s carbon footprint by at least 55% by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels), as well as the urge to...

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What Is IoT And Why It's The Foundation Of Every Smart City

The Internet of Things – a term that has been used extensively in the past decade, yet still has a somewhat vague meaning to citizens and city management teams across the globe. For some, it’s their kettle’s ability to turn itself on and off remotely. For us, it’s the basis of the emergence of truly smart cities. Let’s elaborate on that, but first...

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Intelligent Traffic Systems Can Help Reduce Congestion & Pollution, Here's How

  More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas – a number that will possibly increase to over 60% in 2050. With more and more people moving into cities, new problems quickly come to the fore for city management. One such problem is traffic congestion, and it is deemed one of the worst ones that people face in big cities. It is not...

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A Smart Parking Solution For The City Of Tomorrow

   Intelligent urban mobility and smart parking are part of one and the same ecosystem - one cannot thrive without the other. Modern cities, overwhelmed by personal vehicles, are constantly suffering from a lack of available parking spots. The solution? An integrated transit and parking system that can help reduce traffic and provide automated management of parking spots so that drivers who need them can actually...

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Smart Poles: Integrating Smart Solutions On A Scale

  What if city lighting poles could serve not one but ten functions? What if a single lighting pole could incorporate connectivity modules, a charging station, air quality sensor, traffic management sensor, CCTV camera, information board, an emergency communications centre? It’s not a beautifully drawn utopia, it’s currently happening! With smart lighting poles already being incorporated across the globe and 5G on its way, cities will...

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