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Digital Citizenship:
create an open communication channel 


Citizens, businesses, and city officials should communicate freely. A digital citizenship platform enables healthy and organic relationships that foster trust and creativity.

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explore smart urban mobility


The account-based fare collection system that also does CAD/AVL, RTPI, smart reporting and more. Did we mention it comes with a free, customizable mobile ticketing app?

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City Card:
build an all-inclusive experience for smart tourists


A guide, an all-inclusive pass, a discounts hub – everything savvy tourists might need for their trips in the 21st century, in one smart product. Fully customisable mobile app included.

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Smart Poles:
define smart infrastructure


Lighting poles provide the perfect infrastructure for different types of IoT sensors – discover how they can help build the network your city’s smart systems need.

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Digital Parking:
find an intelligent solution to make parking easier and quicker


Finding a parking spot and paying for it has never been easier. Our digital parking solution can be integrated in any MaaS system.

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Smart Traffic Lights:
design the traffic systems of tomorrow


The first and most important infrastructure improvement any modern city needs – a smart traffic system that works to alleviate congestions and make the streets safer for everyone.

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Smart Waste Management:
plan from bin collection to route optimisation


Build and maintain an efficient waste management system with the help of smart sensors and a robust analytical back office.

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